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Badugi The Hottest New Poker Card Game This variant of lowball draw poker is also known as Badougi. Badugi is one of the most popular card games being played on-line for millions of dollars. It is lowball draw poker version with different hand values than traditional poker. The biggest difference between traditio...Read more

Poker Betting MethodsBy Tarun SharmaYou must have developed a great betting strategy playing the regular limit, no-limit and pot-limit games. Now let’s see some other methods of betting involved mainly in private games. I will just cover a few for example Set limit, Straddle method, Freeze out and Running out of money. S...Read more

Poker Tell Tale SignsBy Linda HarrisonHow do you figure out the hand of your opponent? Look closely and you will notice twitches that reveal the strength of his hand. These twitches are called poker tells. And players are having a field day talking about poker tells in their blogs. Poker tells exist both in the live g...Read more

Poker articles Hiring a Poker Coach By John DeBoer Hiring a poker coach is not an easy decision. It means opening up to an outsider and questioning your basic playing assumptions. Communication and honesty are crucial to the success of your sessions. And poker coaching does not come cheap. Sessio...Read more

Using your Position to Bluff Written by: Dave Colclough (2004-04-26 20:45:52) Well, apparently some of you actually understood last week's article. Common sense, wasn't it... Well here's a few swerve balls... Again, it may be common sense but you can also use your position to bluff. Personally, when playing live, I...Read more

Read poker articles which will help you improve your game and skill....Read more

Poker: Luck Or Skill? by: Robert Benson Ahhh, it's Wednesday night, time to tune in the Travel Channel. Why? Poker tournaments, my friends and the game they play is called Texas Hold ‘Em. But can anyone learn how to play like the pro's on T.V.? Is it so effortless and easy as it appears? Let'...Read more

Pai Gow Poker RulesBy Tarun SharmaLet’s learn some different type of poker other than Texas holdem, 7 card stud, 5 card draw and Omaha. Yes, pai gow poker. Now you must be wondering that pai gow sounds little Chinese; yes you are right this game is a mixture of the Chinese game pai gow and our very own American poker. De...Read more

Poker Betting Moves by PokkerIf a player wants a call, he’ll be very careful not to frighten you. In players mind, overly forceful or exaggerated betting moves will make his hand appear strong. The key to interpreting your opponent’s hand by the manner he bets is not so hard. If the move is too dynamic, you should sus...Read more

Satellite Poker Tournament Strategy By: Lise Larsen, Mon Sep 4th, 2006 Satellite poker tournaments are becoming increasingly popular. Many people are using satellites to work their way to the prestigious and expensive tournaments like the World Series of Poker. What are satellite tournaments? They are generally small t...Read more

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