How to play video

I found this “how to play poker” video today on youtube, its rather good so i thought i would share.

New poker software

The UK and European site bet 365 poker have just made some improvements to their software and released a new version and to celebrate the release of the new poker software 365 are running some great games to play over the next couple of weeks.

In the weeks following 8th of October some fantastic tournaments will be held through the week including a no lose tournament where you just can not lose.
Fridays, Sundays and Wednesdays will be the days to watch out for as you can enter in to the $2500 guaranteed prize tournaments for the buy in fee of $1 + $0.10. Every Saturday you can join in the $5000 guaranteed tourney for only $3 and $0.30, there is plenty of action running all through the week to keep you entertained.

Probably the best tournament they will be running for that few weeks is the $1000 “no lose” tournament where you wont loose a thing. Buy in for $5 and get your $5 back if you don’t win any of the main prize money. This amazing tournament will running daily apart from Sundays.

If you live in the UK or Europe you can download the new software and get playing straight away. Click here to go to 365.

Absolute Poker Avitars

Absolute Poker who are a US friendy poker site are giving you the chance to win $100 in cash and tournament entries in their latest give away. Just create your own custom avatar between September 7th and December 31st and if absolute choose you as one of the three monthly favorites you win. They are also randomly selecting seven players each month who will receive a free entry in to a massive $150,000 qualifier. Download the software now and check it out for more details on this great opportunity.
[Click Here]

Bye bye Doyles

Today i finally got round to removing Doyles room from the list of poker sites. Why? well quite simply because i have had trouble getting payments from them. Firstly they kept denying my credit card payout. So i then opted for a check in the post which they say they have sent but I’ve never received. It’s been over a month now and i don’t think it takes that long for a letter to get here.

They have also been removed from the rest of the site and will not be listed again. If you want a really good poker site i reccommend play poker. The site still accept US players and there has been no problems reported. The site also has tons of freerolls and tournaments as well as some great software.

Januarys bonus code

Poker who still accept players from the states are running a super bonus this month January 2007

Coupon Name: July Reload bonus 100% up too $150

Players at poker dot com will receive a 100% match on deposits up too $150!!!!!
Click here to play - US players welcome.

The following bonus codes are valid at Poker up to and including the 31st of July 2007.

- Code: FIRST200
- 200% up to $500 (max dep $250)
- 14 days $500 daily depositor freeroll entry
- x $10,000 Freeroll entry

- code: FIRST150
- 150% up to $1000 (max dep $750)
- 14 days $500 daily depositor freeroll entry
- 1 x $10,000 Freeroll entry

- code: FIRST125
- 125% up to $2,500 (max dep $2,000)
- 14 days $500 daily depositor freeroll entry
- 1 x $10,000 Freeroll entry

Poker lingo - The Letter B

Bad Beat
This term refers to a really good hand that has been beaten by something that was statistically less likely to win.

Bet the Pot
This term is only really used in pot limit games. It means a player bets the same amount of money that is already in the pot.

The term bicycle refers to a straight that is A-2-3-4-5.

Big Blind
The big blind is a set amount of money a player must put in to play. The big blind is after the small blind, second position left from the dealer. It is normally relative to the game amount. For example in a $5/$10 game the big blind would be $5.

Blind Raise
This is the action of a player who raises the pot before looking at his hand.

Texas hold poker

Texas hold poker is in my and thousands of other peoples opinion the best card game to play against other people. Texas Hold Poker is a group game which can be played with 2 or more people, its great fun and if your playing for money it can also get a little tense.

If you dont have a local casino or place to play with anyone then you can play online and try your luck against thousands of players worldwide at one of many great poker sites that are listed on this site.

If you are in Europe then you should be aware of the popular poker party poker website, at this site like many others you can learn more about the game and practice playing just for fun before you decide to gamble for real and is the perfect place to start.

Texas Hold em poker rooms - Best worldwide poker rooms (non us)
US poker sites - sites still accepting us players

Poker lingo - The Letter A

I thought i would start writing out my poker lingo dictionary and do a letter at a time. As i am just starting this todays letter is A.

Poker lingo - The Letter A

Aces Full
This means a full house of cards containing three aces and any other pair of cards.

This is the best of the worst. If you dont have a hand then it goes to your highest single card, ace high would mean your hand that contains one ace and no other hand.

Aces Up
A hand containing two pairs and one of the pairs is a pair of Aces.

Acting out a false emotion, movement or “tell” designed to give out a false impression about the strength of a hand.

The name given to the first two cards dealt out if they are an Ace and Jack, it does’nt matter if they are the same suit or not.

This is the action of a player betting all of the chips they own, or putting it “all in” to the pot.

The initial betting money placed in the pot before the dealer starts.