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The basics of texas holdem

A quick run down of a game of Texas holdem

Texas Holdem is a game using 7 cards with the best 5-card poker hand as the winner.

When betting in Texas holdem you have several different choices,
you can either…

  • Check - If there are no bets in the pot then you may check. I.e., check the next card or player.
  • Fold - stop betting and give your cards back to the dealer then sit the rest of the hand out.
  • Call - match the amount of money agreed by everyone else and see the next card or call for your opponents cards to be shown.
  • Raise - raise the steaks even more, challenging you opponents to fold, call or rise back at you.

The game play.

  • each player get 2 personal cards nicknamed "pocket cards"
  • There is round of betting
  • Three community cards are dealt out in "the flop"
  • There is another round of betting
  • A fourth communal card is dealt out, this is called "the turn"
  • There is another round of betting
  • The Fifth and Final card is dealt out known as "the river"
  • There is a final round of betting known as "the showdown"