Poker Hands

Examples of standard game poker hands in order from Best to Worst

When playing hold'em poker the aim of the game is to create the best hand of 5 cards possible by using the cards on the table and your own cards. Here are some visual examples of the ten possible hands you poker hands can make; they are listed in order of rank.

The Royal Flush
A Royal flushThis is the best hand, Cards all of the Same suit and in running order from Ten upto the Ace. Split pot if two or more players have the hand.
A Straight Flush
A Straight flush5 cards of the same suit in running order, the higher the run of cards goes upto the better the hand is. If two players have the same its a split pot.
Four of a Kind
Four of a kindAny four cards of a kind, Once again the highest value set of 4 cards wins. 4 Kings would beat 4 Queens ect... with Aces been the highest.
Full House
A Full house)Three of one and Two of the other. The highest three cards determins the winner in a tie situation, Three 9's would beat three 8's.
A Flush
A flushAny 5 cards of the same suit. If more than one person has a flush it goes to highest card, A Queen King or Ace would beat a Jack flush.
A Straight
A straight5 cards all in a run, but not of the same suit, once again the highest card of the run decides who has the better hand.
Three of a Kind
Three of a kind3 cards of the same value. The higher the set of 3 cards the better the hand is with three Aces been the best.
Two Pairs
Two pairTwo pairs of cards. The higest pair wins and if more than one player has the same cards the highest card left over determins the winner.
One Pair
One pairThe highest pair wins. If one or more person has the same pair it goes to the next highest card.
High Card
High cardIf no one has a better hand then Highest card wins, if one or more people have the same card it goes to the next highest and so on.
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